The Anthony Marano Company houses the Midwest's largest Organic Department with more than 120 items in stock all the time.  We offer a full line of USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables, including the basics (berries, salads, apples, potatoes and peppers), juicing favorites (beets, turmeric, ginger, spinach and celery) and specialty items (heirloom apples and tomatoes, dry farmed tomatoes and more).  

We carry the most popular brands including Driscoll, Cal-Organic, Stemilt, Del Cabo and Josie's Organics.

In response to high demand, we have a full range of value-added packaged items under the Gramma Jo's Organics brand.  Contact us today for a customized organic program tailored specifically to your customer profile.

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USDA Organic Seal

Heirloom Apples
Packaged Salads
Mini Sweet Peppers
Purple Yam (Ube)
Full Line of Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Seasonal Organic Apples
Stone Fruit
Dry Farmed Tomatoes
Organic Berries
Mini Watermelons
White Brown and Specialty Mushrooms
Red and Green Cabbage
All Colors of Bell Peppers
Potatoes Yams and Root Vegetables
Organic Apples and Pears
Exclusive Gramma Jos Organic Packaged Items
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